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About Vistula

For years Vistula is a synonym of a high quality products and is natural choice for men who appreciate elegance and high quality products.

Vistula represents three products lines that are directed to different types of men.

Lantier and Vistula Collection is created for those men who are obliged to wear formal dress code. Traditional tailoring, best fabrics and classic patterns follow the latest trends in men fashion.
Product line includes not only suits but also classic coats, jackets, shirts, trousers and accessories of a high quality.

Vistula Red is less official and follows modern trends. It is directed to active, young feeling men.
The most fashionable styles, attractive cloths and impressive colours will guarantee a perfect look of those who prefer more casual style.

For more demanding clients and those who appreciate the luxury we have a special offer: an exclusive sew custom-made service Made to Measure.
Vistula is one of the best recognized and best-known brands in Poland. Our products are appreciated by our clients and guarantee the highest quality, good taste and modern image.